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NINJA WiFi is THE solution for internet in Japan!!

You may feel stranded in Japan for reasons like…

These problems are NO MORE with NINJA WiFi!

3 things about NINJA WiFi!

It’s EASY! 1.

Do I need to transfer money at the bank or go to the shop for payment? So troublesome!
You can book Ninja WiFi online ANYTIME!

Out website accepts reservations 24/7!Pay with credit card easily! Reserve your pocket wifi router right before you go! We will try our best to accommodate your needs!
※Different pick-up locations have different deadlines for booking. Special needs may not be catered.

It’s EASY! 2.

I am busy at work/school and have no time to take the pocket wifi router…
Get Ninja WiFi right at your travel destination!

Pick up your pocket wifi router at designated Japan airport, or even have it delivered to your accommodation! Super convenient! Save your luggage place easily and you don’t even need to spend extra hours and efforts picking it up at the store. Japan main international airports are covered. Some even have counters operating 24 hours a day!


It’s EASY! 3.

I am not really good at machines… Are pocket wifi routers easy to use? What if I do not know how to connect?
NO setup needed!Use Ninja WiFi the minute you get it!

You just need 5 seconds to turn on the pocket wifi router and get connection after picking up the fully charged pocket wifi router! Our staff at airport counters are very grateful to help you with the setting. Connect and test immediately after picking up the egg. No need to worry about it not working~


It’s FAST! 1.

I want to share my moments with my friends!
NINJA WiFi’s blazing speed made sharing simple!

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, NINJA WiFi’s network stably covers the whole country! Keep contact with your friends and family ANYTIME ANYWHERE! Share your photos and videos with your friends instantly! You can also check the map always, no worry being lost~


It’s FAST! 2.

Share the wifi with a bunch of friends! No limits on speed or capacity!
NINJA WiFi offers blazing speed up to 187.5Mbps, multiple users up to 10 can use without slowing down!

Our blazing fast network enables up to 10 devices to be connected to our WiFi routers without slow-downs. Share with your friends in group travels. Everyone gets what they want! Check the map, watch Youtube, use laptop for writing blogs at the same time, no problem at all~


It’s FAST! 3.

There are a lot of settings for using SIM card. I spent a long time dealing with it…
No setting for Ninja WiFi! Instant connection!

Push the ON/OFF button and key in the password like you do when connecting to any other wifi~ No activation or special settings like using SIM card~



I see that many pocket wifi router companies require deposit when booking. It is a bit expensive……
No hidden charges! No deposit or handling charge is needed!

NINJA WiFi does not require any service charge or administrative fee. If you would like to use delivery for taking or returning the pocket wifi router, only 5.10 USD + tax is charged.



Is there any restriction on the number of days of booking?
Your choices are FREE at Ninja WiFi!

There is absolutely no problem even if you want to use pocket wifi router for only one day because of e.g. business! You may select your preference on insurance plan or external battery freely too!



When compared to Sim card, is pocket wifi router more expensive?
Ninja WiFi offers you the best price shared by multiple users!

Setting up SIM card is very complicated and troublesome. You need steps for activation before usage. Situations like Sim card slot not fitting, model’s not matched happen quite often. Furthermore, not all SIM cards allow sharing! If you buy something that cannot be used or not suitable, why not choose a confident and assured option? Ninja WiFi can be shared by 10 people, totally no limit so you can use it without worry. Real convenient and worthy!


Light, Slim, Portable! NINJA WiFi!

9.10 USD + tax/day

WiFi Type
3G Support
4G Support
Dimensions About 103×66×14.5mm
Weight About 136g
Continuous Use Time 12 hours
Download Speed MAX75Mbps
Upload Speed MAX25Mbps
Simultaneous Connected Devices Up to 10 devices
Data Limit Limitless

9.10 USD + tax/day

WiFi Type
3G Support
4G Support
Dimensions About 117×62×13.9mm
Weight About 150g
Continuous Use Time 9 hours
Download Speed※2 [Softbank 4G]MAX165Mbps ※3
[Softbank LTE]※4 MAX187.5Mbps※5
Upload Speed※2 [Softbank 4G] MAX10Mbps
[Softbank LTE] MAX37.5Mbps
Simultaneous Connected Devices Up to 10 devices
Data Limit Limitless ※1

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