Osaka Umeda Gourmet best pick , the 6 most delicious roasted beef restaurants!

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If we talking about Japanese cuisine, people can name a lot of them, but if you know the fact that roasted beef rice is one of the popular dishes amongst Japanese? In comparison to the normal beef rice, roasted beef is more tender and juicy, served with the yellow mustard together; a cheap, satisfied and delicious lunch/dinner is done. Osaka as Japan’s gourmet center, we have many famous roasted beef restaurants to introduce to you. Many of them is 『More beef than rice』,if you visit Osaka, let’s arrange one meal to try it.


グリル異人館(Grill Ijinka)


グリル異人館 is located on the 1 floor of the basement of the Third building before the Osaka station that’s 4 minutes walk from Subway East Umeda station. It is a western restaurant with Showa architectural style. The most recommended courses are the roasted beef and stewed beef tongue. These two dishes are typical Japanese western courses. The roasted beef rice is value for money. The sliced thin beef cover all the rice and with the Japanese raw egg and salad dressing, the best choice of the meat lover. The price is only 880 Yen (lunch). At night, it can be a pub that you can enjoy hanging out with friends, while order some side dishes to enjoy the Osaka Gourmet night.


Recommended Dishes: ローストビーフ丼(Roasted Beef Rice, 880 Yen)

Address: First floor of Basement, 3 Building Osaka Station, 1-1-3 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

Food review:


ミッテラン2世(Mitterrand II)


If you talk about the B grade gourmet of Japanese, one of their characteristics is “ stand eating”, which most of the famous shops are also having it. This is because ultimately the taste of the food is the most important point. This ミッテラン2世 restaurant is very famous in Osaka. It is located at the second floor of the basement of the Osaka Fukoku Life Building that is just next to the East Umeda station. The chef the restaurant was used to work as the chef of the first class hotel. On the menu, many dishes use the foie gras and lobsters. So to speak, it is a super luxury French style roasted beef restaurant. This restaurant uses the rare soft Sharon thin cut steak, and serves it together with the rich mayonnaise. These two are totally matching to each other. As it is a “stand eating” restaurant and the roasted beef rice is only served before 4pm, it’s most suitable for family to have lunch when doing shopping in Umeda area.


Recommended Dishes: ローストビーフ丼(Roasted Beef Rice, 780 Yen ~ Weekday lunch time only)

Address: Second floor of basement, Osaka Fukoku life building, 2-4 Komatsubra-cho, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

Food review:


肉ビストロ熟 ルクアイーレ大阪店 (Cooked Meat Bistro Rukuaire Osaka Store)


肉ビストロ熟 is at the LUCUA underground shopping street that’s next to the Osaka station. Location is very convenient. You can find the inexpensive choice in this high-class restaurant, which is mainly focus on serving the high quality Japanese black beef. The roasted beef rice of this restaurant is using the tender Japanese black beef; in comparison to other, the roasted beef rice from this restaurant is more juicy and chewy. Although the price is slightly more expensive than other roasted beef rice, but the store decoration and food’s appearance is very refined and elegant. This restaurant is close to the subway and it opened till midnight, so it’s good choice for lunch or late diner.


Recommended Dishes: 黒毛和牛ローストビーフ丼(Roasted Japanese Black Beef Rice, 1,280 Yen ~)

Address: Second Floor of Basement, LUCUA 1100, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

Food Review:


ボルケーノキッチン(Volcano Kitchen)


In following, we will introduce a very special roasted beef rice restaurant ボルケーノキッチン. It takes a minute walk from the Shin-Fukushima Station. It takes around 10 minutes from JR Osaka station by walk. As it’s close to the first clas business buildings, geographically it is the most intense Japanese office lunch battlefield. The most distinctive characteristic of ボルケーノキッチン roasted beef rice is its 20 inches high roasted beef tower. The red beef looks like a volcano from distance. It has a very impressive visually. The roasted beef rice uses the Miyazaki Japanese beef, which has a good balance of the meat and grease. The beef is cooked with low temperature that best preserve the texture and taste of the thin beef. Serve along with the side dishes of butter and garlic sauce. The taste is very special and really worth to punch on Facebook to have LIKE from friends.


Recommended Dishes: ボルケーノプレート (Volcano Special, 850 Yen ~)

Address: 4-5-56 Fukushima, Fukushima-Ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

Food Review:


Mar de Boca大阪マルビル店(Mar De Boca Osaka Marubiru Store)


Mar de Boca大阪マルビル店is at the very center of Umeda. It takes only 5 minutes walk from Osaka station. Mar de Boca has both the stand eating area and the seated area. The restaurant atmosphere is very similar to the little pubs of Europe. The most distinctive feature is the Teppanyaki Beef rice. Enjoy the roasted beef, avocado and hot spring egg on the hot plate in once, the food combination is very fresh. Of course, if you don’t like avocado and hot spring egg, they serve the normal roasted beef rice as well.


Recommended Dishes: 鉄板ローストビーフ丼(Teppanyaki beef rice, 820 Yen ~)

Address: second floor of basement, Osaka Marubiru Osaka, 1-9-20 Umeda, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

Food Review:




Last but not least, we will introduce the restaurant that takes 5 minutes walk from East Umeda station. RED MOUNTAIN can be named as beef specialty restaurant. RED MOUNTAIN has many different beef dishes, in addition to the steak, hamburger beef, the rice beef and so on. It is really good news to the beef lovers. The selling point of the roasted beef rice of this restaurant is the『more been than rice』. The roasted beef rice is served with raw egg-york and read chili. The look is very attractive. The sesame and spicy-sweet sauce that mixed into the rice also added extra points to this roasted beef rice. There are 4 roasted beef rice sizes that customer can choose. When you get so tired after shopping and want to eat meat. Let’s come here.


Recommended Dishes: ローストビーフ丼(Roasted Beef Rice, 850 Yen ~)

Address: 1F, Reysol Sonezaki, 1-7-13 Sonezaki, Kita Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture

Food Review:


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