Looking for the best Tonkatsu – the top 5 local favorites!

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Looking for delicious food is a must-do during a trip to Japan trip!
The local famous Japanese food includes sashimi, sushi, ramen, barbeque, hot pot and etc. Tonkatsu is also one of the popular Japanese cuisines! This post is going to introduce you to the 5 top local favorites! To those who loveとんかつ(pork cutlet), you must try out the realおいしい (delicious) Tonkatsu!

1)Maruyamakippei 丸山吉平

http://image2.30min.jp/resize/600x600q80/30min/tweet/1036/401036.jpg (Source:30min.jp

Address:5-20-8 Asakusabashi Taito Tokyo Transport:585 meters from Asakusabashi Business Hour:Sunday and Weekdays 11:30 ~14:30(Only open for Lunch)Saturday open for Dinner 18:00~20:00 Shop Holiday:Not set, but usually Thursday Tip:Checkout if they are open by browsing their FB profilehttp http://www.facebook.com/spftonkatsu Tabelog Website:http://tabelog.com/tw/tokyo/A1311/A131103/13149421/


Food critics have their own opinions of famous shops. Just like this shop, some of the local Japanese might think that their hospitality is not very good, or for them, they expect a high standard of hospitality. If you are expecting it to be a high end sushi restaurant, you can understand why it does not match the local Japanese standard! 5 minutes walking distance from the Asakusabashi Station, order your meal from the automatic machine and the shop keeper will arrange a seat for you. The pork cutlet in this shop is very tender and juicy, but it has more fat in it. If you are not into fatty meat, you might not like it, but meat lovers, will feel satisfied!



Address:1-8-14 Sotokanda Chiyoda Tokyo Transport:353 meters from Akihabara Business Hour:11:30~15:00/17:00~20:20 Shop Holiday:Mondays, and third Thursday every month Tabelog Website:http://tabelog.com/tw/tokyo/A1310/A131001/13000379/


It is located in Akihabara and it has the longest queue for a Tonkatsu shop! The meat is very soft and it taste very meaty, the shop is very generous with their meat. The popular dish is「ロースかつ」. A single dish only cost 2000 Yen, the quality is very good and hence it is very popular. After your meal, they will offer you fresh jasmine tea, very attentive!

3)Yamabe 山家

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.53.03 am (Source:antenna.jp

Address:6-2-6 Ueno Taito Tokyo Transport:125 meters from Okachimachiぐ Business Hour:11:00~16:00/17:00~22:00(21:15分Last Order) Tabelog Website:http://tabelog.com/tw/tokyo/A1311/A131101/13138428/


It is located in Ueno, the price is very economical, and it is a good option for budget tourist. It is always full and there is always a long queue waiting to be seated. A full meal cost about 900~ 1000 Yen, with this price it attracts many locals. Regardless of its appearance and taste, they are one of the high quality Tonkatsu restaurant!



Address:5-28-12 Kamata Ota Tokyo Transport:334 meters from Keikyu Kamata Business Hour:Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday:11:00~14:00/17:00~20:00 Wednesday:17:00~20:00 Shop Holiday:Monday and Sunday Tabelog Website:http://tabelog.com/tw/tokyo/A1315/A131503/13017765/


The lunch deal here is very popular, it is one of the working people’s favorite. The pork cutlet is relatively thin; most of the OL (office ladies) love it. The crunchy skin is not very thick and the meat is slightly pink and sweet. You have to prepare to queue for it as it is a very popular shop. If you want to taste the high quality, best Tonkatsu set meal (極上ロースかつ定食 -2,500円), you have to go there early, because it will be sold out very fast. According to some report, 10 minutes before the store open, there is a queue of 30 customers.

5)Taiyou もち豚とんかつ たいよう


Address:3-22-7 Koyama Shinagawa Tokyo Transport:256 meters from Musashi Koyama. Business Hour:11:00〜14:30/17:30〜20:30 Shop Holiday:Monday and Friday Tabelog Website:http://tabelog.com/tw/tokyo/A1317/A131710/13059862/(

(Source: tableog.jp

Their selling point is the type of pork cutlet – もち豚and it usually doesn’t have a fishy smell. The fat and meat ratio is more consistent, it gives you a fresh and sweet taste. According to reports, もち豚can help you regain your energy from being fatigued, prevent high blood pressure and have other positive effects, the vitamin E in it is 7 times higher than in normal pork meat! Hence this shop is known as the best of the best in Tokyo. Price is reasonably affordable, and with high quality meat, it attracts many people. The crunchy skin is slightly thicker and the meat is a more tender compared to the other shops.


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