Poor manner! The common inappropriate behavior made by Hong Kong travellers when they visit Japan !

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If you want to ask how many people have been to Japan, it is easier to figure it out by asking how many people haven’t been to Japan. The mainlanders, Taiwanese and Hong Kong people have already “Conquered” Osaka and Tokyo, my Japanese friend and I are aware that there are quite a few common mistakes that Hong Kong travellers have made. Have you made the same mistake that embarrassed the Japanese?   Now let’s see what are those mistakes No 1: [What] ! ?


It is very common that Hong Kong people always blurt out “What?” when they are surprised, or when they has no idea what to do.   They do not want to offend anyone. However, for Japanese this kind of reaction is very impolite. This is because the intonation of [What] is very similar to Japanese [はぉ?]. はぉ is a word being used by the motorcycle gangs in the Japanese drama only. Right, it is the script of the bad guy with gold hair and look vicious. If you blurt out “what” when you are annoyed or in question. Japanese will be terrified. They probably think that you are the gang’s member.   It is impolite even you do not meant it.

No 2: Talking over the Mobile phone in the tram



Smart phone is getting very popular, many Hong Kong travellers talk to their friends when they are travelling in Japan. Please be remembered “ Talking over the phone” is strictly prohibited in Japan’s tram. If you want to stay in touch with your friend when you are on the tram, please use the text message instead.   If you have to talk over the phone, please lower down your voice and finish your conversation as quick as possible. Otherwise, all people on the tram will star at you. (Especially when you are not speaking Japanese, they will wonder which country that you are from.) No 3: Look at other’s Ema (絵馬/えま)


Many people when they visit the Japanese shrine, they think they the wooden plate hanging on the rack is very special and interesting. They also curious what has been written on the Ema, they usually will turn over the Ema and have a look. However what have been written on the Ema are the personal wishes. Nobody wants their wishes being seen and commented. If you turn on the Ema and look at what has been written on it intentionally, the Japanese who stand next to you will think you are super rude. Put your feet into others’ shoes please. No 4: Talking inside the elevator


I made this mistake when I first came to Japan. My Japanese colleague reminded me not to do so.   The quiet Japanese they really not used to talk in the enclosed area like the elevator. If you really want to talk, please wait till walk out the elevator. No 5: Offer your Seat inappropriately on the tram


Offer seat to other is an impolite behavior? Right. If you know the Japanese culture well, you would know Japanese have a strong ego. If you offer your seat to elderly, child or women in the tram inappropriately, they will feel being offended. They may think you offer your seat to them for you think they are weak so you mercy them and offer your seat to them. Especially those disable they are very sensitive.   The more appropriate way to offer your seat is pretend you are about to get off the car, and walk to the next carriage directly. If you want to offer your seat to a particular person, you probably need to get off the tram… (If the person accept the seat is fine, if not, please do not force him/her to do so..) No 6: Bargaining


I think I do not need to explain this anymore. Basically in Japan all price tag on the merchandises is a fixed price. Bargaining does not exist. (Some big electronic stores like Bic camera that still allow bargaining. But most of the products that already excluded tax and offered special discount or benefit to travellers, they have no room to offer any other discount or benefit anymore.) Therefore, please stop asking if you can get a further discount to buy 10 products in once. It is rude to ask for discount from the small shops. You can try to ask for give away or little gift when it is allowed. No 7: Selfie Stick, Taking photo without permission


JR of Western Japan prohibits traveller to use selfie stick to take photo on the platform since last year. In Japan more and more attraction spots are not allowed travellers to use selfie stick to take photo. In addition, Japan has the portraiture right. Privacy is very important to Japanese. Please do not take picture of others without their consent.   If others ask you to delete their pictures, please do so. Don’t think you can act like you are in Hong Kong claiming Hong Kong has no portraiture right. No 8: Step on Tatami with shoes


Many places in Japan for example when visiting the castles, gardens, the high-end Japanese restaurant so and so, all these places are not allowed to wear shoes. If you really are not used to walk in bear feet or in socks, these places usually offer slippers.
  Other common mistakes are climbing up to the tori, pee anywhere so and so that I will not talk further here. This time I just want to remind travellers on some manners. Japanese really care about manners, when travel in Japan that you need to pay more attention. Many small things that we do not really pay attention to but Japanese do. They will feel uncomfortable to seeing travellers to do those things. The mistakes that we mentioned about are still “occasional thing” and many people made such mistakes for they do not aware of them.   After knowing all these manners, please avoid doing them again. You do not want to embarrass Hong Kong when you are travelling in other country right?   Need stable WiFI connection when travel in Japan? Want to check out the map and train timetable at anytime? Ninja WiFi is your friend! Softbank’s latest model Hybrid 4G LTE, unlimited broadband data, 187Mbps speedy network connection, unbeatable speed, connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously is the best application to share with companion and friends. National-wide coverage, stable connection, Pick up at major airports or get by couriers. It’s simple and convenient. No deposit, No cheating. Now only cost HKD45 per day. Come and visit NIINJA WiFifor more details! After arriving the airport, only takes 1 minute to pick up the WiFi egg. Then you can travel around Japan right the way. Service in year-round! Super fast and convenient.

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