[Kimonos and beautiful sceneries] Explore Tokyo in a Kimono! 6 best place to go in a Kimono!

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Wearing a kimono and traveling in Japanis one of the popular itineraries. For those who are interested to understand how to wear a kimono they can refer to this video: download

After picking the rightKimono, belt and setting up your hair and makeup, next thing on the list is picking the right place to walk around, get some good pictures! Can’t find a good spot in a busy and modern Tokyo? Here is the top 6 places that you should go with your kimono.


Fans recommended:


1. Shrine and temple

Wearing a kimono gives you the feel of being a local Japanese, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous shrine and temple in Tokyo. Most of the Japanese wear the traditional kimono during important festival, during the Coming of Age Day (成人の日) many Japanese would dress in Kimono to pay their respect in the shrine. kimono7

Speaking of the shrine, we must not forget the famous Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. In the case of Ginkgo Season (around November), it is perfect to have Ginkgo trees as the background (avoid wearing a yellow coloured kimono). However, personally, I would recommend Nezu Shrine which is located near Ueno. Next to it is the Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street which is a good spot for sunset watching. The stairs in front of the street is a famous backdrop in Japanese dramas.


Nezu Shrine

Address:〒113-0031Nezu 1-28-9, Bunkyo, Tokyo (Chiyoda Line, Nezu Station, Sendagi Station, NorthSouth Line, Todaimae Station, walking distance about 5 minutes)  

2. Japanese Garden

kimono4 The Japanese garden is the best place to take pictures with a kimono, during autumn, you can enjoy watching red leaves while taking good pictures.I recommend the traditional Japanese Garden – Rikugi-en. The garden is very spacious and is well equipped with naturally beautiful sceneries, it’s one of the favourite dating spots for couples, have some tea and dessert in the garden, give you a Japanese experience!   kimono3


Address:Komagome, Bunkyo District, Tokyo Bunkyo Komagome this 6-chome (JR Yamanote Line Tokyo メトロnorth-south line, get off at Komagome station and walk for 7 minutes.)

3. Little Edo = Kawagoe

If you have one day to spend, the best place I can recommend is an hour drive from Tokyo – Kawagoe which is also well known as Little Edo. You will find yourself submerged in the Edo Period. The traditional building and streets add on some fun into your pictures. Kawagoe has a deep kimono culture, you will see many kimono clothing shops and they would offer those who are wearing kimono a good discount. To those who have great interest in cultural study, you must not miss out Kawagoe. kimono2 It is recommend that you directly go to Kawagoe’s kimono shops, it would offer a better price compare to those in Tokyo, they are very friendly and nice. (Get more information at tourism center in Kawagoe Station.)  

Kawagoe recommendation:


kimono8 During summer, the Japanese girls like to wear kimonos to Skytree to watch the night view, SkyTree also has similar official posters to promote such event. I have also dressed in Kimono and visited Skytree, due to the high number of tourist, they would request a picture with you too! A Kimono and the Tokyo’s night view, it would be an unforgettable experience!  

2. Disneyland

It is the best place for those Disneyland fans. During the Coming of Age Day, most ladies would dress in beautiful kimono and take pictures in Disneyland. Wearing the kimono and with the sleeping beauty castle as the background, it gives you a whole different feel. Pick a day with good weather to go to Disneyland, the recommended time is during spring and autumn, not too hot nor too cold. If you renting Kimono, pay attention to the return period, it is suggested to rent it for 2 days to have enough time in Disneyland.  

3. Akihabara 秋葉原

During a visit to Akihabara, I also saw some ladies in kimonos, and some of them also took pictures with the costume maid, this is new in trend. If you are dress in a colourful kimono with animation elements in it, , I believe Akihabara will be very suitable for you.  

These are the best 6 attractions where you can wear your kimono and take some good pictures, experience charm of the Kimono in Tokyo!

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