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I want to pick up my WiFi router today/tomorrow. Can I reserve now?
To receive WiFi routers at below airports, please complete your order by 3pm one day before the departure. ・Narita Airport Terminal 1& 2 ・Haneda International Airport ・Kansai Int.l Airport Terminal 1
Where should I go to return my WiFi router by delivery service?
You can return your WiFi router at almost all convenience stores and all Yamato Transport stores/counters. We strongly recommend using the shipping slip included in our router kit to return your device. Alternatively, you can choose to use other delivery service providers such as Sagawa Kyubin or Yu-Pack that records shipping date to return your WiFi router.
My phone/tablet/PC is purchased outside of Japan. Can I use it with NINJA WiFi router?
As long as your phone/tablet/PC supports WiFi. You should be able to use NINJA WiFi router without issue.
Can I return my WiFi router at a different airport or return my device using a method that is different from the way I picked up my device?
Of course. You can pick up using one method and return using another.